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This software rates every Australian and New Zealand greyhound race .



See how the Rater works.

Video shows how the software gets the ratings, runtime of video 6 minutes 17 secs.

You can view it directly on youtube here:



Thanks for dropping by, hope you watched the video and saw this amazing software in action.

Over the last 3 years we have made softwares for UK greyhounds, and had many requests for an Australian Greyhound racing.

Well now we can present to you, Australia Greyhound Rater, covering all the Australian and New Zealand dogs.

The software is compatible with Windows based computers and tablets only, and has a save option in excel (csv).

In greyhound racing, we know luck has a part in racing (interference), and even the very best dogs can get beaten because of it.

To rate greyhounds, the most effective way is to find the fastest dogs in the race in times, and to look beyond the last start, as interference may have been a factor. So the software looks over the last 5 starts to get and average of the dogs ablility.

Once the field has been rated for all 5 races, an average time is obtained and then compared and converted into a length measurement advantage or disadvantage.

All this is done very quickly, the software does the days races in a few minutes depending on your internet speed.

Each meeting has it's own separate tab so you quickly access the meeting you want to look at.

Like any rating software there are many ways to use the ratings. And Australian Greyhound Rater is no different.

Three Length Advantage.

As discussed in the video the 3 length advantage is only one method, and best to look at the dogs paying over even price ($2.00) as an extra filter.

Here are the stats on 3 length advantage greyhounds over a 10 day period, you can see 250 greyhounds met this and they had to started at $2.06 or better.

76 won there races (30.4%), ave winning price was 3.80 (betfair)

Longest winning sequence was 5 bets, longest losing sequence was 13 bets.

As we say this is only one way to use the software.


Also dutch betting when the top 3 dogs are within a length of each other is another good way to bet them.

Trifecta, quinella's are all possibilities with the software.

Lay Betting 3 length qualifying Dogs, that are Odds On.

Now I was not going to put this in here but, I want to show the versatile nature of the ratings.

Over 67 qualifying races, where the greyhound had a 3 length or more advantage, and was starting at odds on, on Betfair there is an angle you can profit by (or so I think).

Of the 67 starts at odds on, 38 won (56.7%). If you layed them at $10 liability staking, your return was 6 points profit ($68.00) after betfair commission.

However starting with a $200 bank, and using the fibonacci staking plan, you would have made 16.90 points profit, or $169.00 after betfair commission, increased 69% on the bank in 67 bets.

I know this may sound a contradiction, we say bet the dogs, with a 3 length advantage to the 2nd rated dog to win, providing they are over $2.06 (betfair), and lay the same qualifying dogs if there price is under 2.00.

But, it just shows, that there is no point in backing dogs that are odds on, yes they win in this case 56.7% strike rate, but they still lost money, better to lay them.

I will include a brief (and it will be brief) pdf if you purchase the software showing you the Lay the odds on method, it is very simple.

Where to bet them?

As you may or may not know, the prices on the TABs is very volatile, and fluctulates very much on the favoured greyhounds in the seconds before the start of the race. And the fix prices on the TABs for the races that have them are usually very poor value.

One way around it is to bet them on either Betfair (yes some meetings have no liquidly) however many do especially on the favoured runners. And you can use bots to bet the Greyhounds also. That is how the creator of the bot uses the ratings.

Corporate bookies use the best of two of the three main tabs, so you can get a bit of a price advantage but not a fixed price.

For UK Clients:

Example of Australian Greyhound racing

In Australia we have 8 dogs in a race, and win and place betting, also the novelty bets like Quinella (1st & 2nd any order), the most popular is Trifecta (1st,2nd and 3rd in correct order) big dividends are possible here.

Race times on the main race tracks is evening, and this is morning time in the UK, so you can bet on the best quality of greyhounds in the UK morning.

You will need to have money in the Australian Wallet to bet the Australian greyhounds on Betfair.


Saving the ratings (Excel required)

As stated the complete ratings can be saved on excel, and printed off, and excellent way to record and analyser the rating both before and after racing.

So you have a full record of the complete days ratings.


The interface of the software

You can see above the software showing a race with a dog that has 3 length advance, so in the 3 length method, this is a selection.

The result of the race.

You can see our dog, Dyna Geldof won, at $3.10 on the Tatts TAB, it also shows how the fixed prices are usually a long way off the true odds, a classic case, just look at the place prices of the fixed to the Tote prices in the case of the second place dog, 100% difference.



Dave has created a software that at the end of racing, will scan the csv file and put the dividends and 1, 2nd and 3rd placing into the csv, so you have a solid record and can look at patterns in which best to get the absolute best from the ratings.

See the video below.


Video runs for 6 minutes.

Small Print Stuff:

1. The software is sold on a 1 year licence, and for one computer only.

2. The computer or tablet must be run by windows in order for the software to work.

3. You need excel on your computer to save the ratings, if you want to save the ratings (not necessary if you don't want to keep them). Software will work without excel, just you will not be able to save them.

4.We try and keep the software updated with the fields everyday, but sometimes it maybe not possible from time to time (has not happened yet).

5. You get access to today and tomorrow fields on any given day.

6. We don't give out ratings, so please if you can not access them because you are on holidays we will not email them to you, sorry.

7. Remember, you are gambling and it is your responsiblity to bet within your means.

8. There is NO REFUNDS on this one year licence.

9. Enjoy the ratings most of all.



Spoil yourself and grab our free

Fibonacci Staking strategy for the Greyhounds.

It is a pdf format.








This software will Only work on Windows based computers and tablets.

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One year licence for 1 computer.

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or Moneybookers (Skrill) email me for details stevedav@iinet.net.au



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